IN THE STATES: Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Push for Extreme Abortion Bans, Democrats Fight Back

President Biden made a three-day swing through Pennsylvania, including his hometown of Scranton, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. During his visit, President Biden called attention to the stark differences between his economic plan and Trump’s self-serving plan that caters to big corporations and his ultra-wealthy friends. In Pennsylvania: Times-Leader:… Read More

ICYMI: Arizona Republic: National Democrats Hit Trump and Schweikert for Backtracking on Reproductive Rights

KEY POINT: “‘Abortion is banned in Arizona thanks to Donald Trump. He won’t stop until it’s banned nationwide,’ five billboards will read, some in English and others in Spanish.” Arizona Republic: National Democrats hit Trump and Schweikert for backtracking on reproductive rights[By Laura Gersony 4/11/24] National Democratic… Read More