2024 Republicans Claim to Stand With Israel, But Their Records Say Otherwise

While President Biden continues to demonstrate strong, steady leadership on the world stage, 2024 Republicans’ claims of standing with Israel fall apart when you take a look at their records.  Donald Trump praised the terrorist organization Hezbollah as “very smart” just days after the October 7 terrorist attacks – continuing… Read More

NEW: Ron DeSantis Threatens to “Do a Lot More” in Repealing the Affordable Care Act 

In response to Ron DeSantis doubling down on his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement: “Ron DeSantis is the latest 2024 Republican to echo Donald Trump’s call to rip away affordable health care and devastate millions of Americans… Read More

REMINDER: MAGA Republicans Undermined President Biden’s Work to Fight Fentanyl At The Border, Combat Opioid Crisis

While 2024 GOP presidential candidates were all bluster on border safety on the debate stage tonight, the truth is: MAGA Republicans have actively tried to undermine President Biden’s work to combat fentanyl trafficking at the border and keep Americans safe.  Cuts proposed by MAGA Republicans in Congress could lead to… Read More