DNC Makes Historic Midterm Cycle Investment in Paid Media

Ahead of Election Day, the Democratic National Committee has invested an historic eight figures in paid media directed at voters key to our winning coalition this midterm election cycle, directing a consistent drumbeat of messaging outlining the choice the American people will make this November: between Democrats who are focused on lowering costs and protecting fundamental freedoms and the extreme MAGA agenda Republicans are pursuing at their expense. 

The DNC began dozens of tracks of messaging to reach voters where they are at the beginning of last year, and did so in many different languages, to communicate the stakes and urgency of the midterm elections. As early as last March, we have been laying out how the leadership of President Biden and Democrats has boosted our economy’s recovery and added a record number of jobs. We made investments around key moments from the ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, to the president’s signing the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as commemorating important constituency celebrations like AAPI Heritage Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Our dynamic strategy of reaching voters where they are has meant the DNC’s messages have appeared everywhere from the airwaves of primetime cable television to the skies above college football stadiums – communicating to voters in creative and memorable ways. Most recently, the DNC partnered with actress Kerry Washington and NBA All-Star Chris Paul to record ads directed to audiences of The Shade Room and Players TV, making the ask to visit IWillVote.com to make a plan to vote.

Notable Numbers:

  • The DNC has made an historic eight-figure investment in paid media this midterm cycle.
  • The DNC spent seven figures directed at reaching Black voters and Latino voters respectively.
  • In the last month alone, the DNC has spent seven figures on messaging focused on getting out the vote. 
  • The DNC began messaging directed at AAPI voters last year running in at least 9 languages, including English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hmong, Tagalog, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Hindi.

Highlights of our historic midterm paid media strategy include: