DNC Statement on Passover

As Passover commences, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement: “Every Spring, Jewish friends and families gather around the Seder table to commemorate the story and lessons of Passover. Marking the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt, the tale of Passover is one of freedom, perseverance, and faith.  “We recognize… Read More

Donald the Denier: Donald Trump Has Repeatedly Called Climate Change a “Hoax”

As Donald Trump repeatedly calls climate change a “hoax” while pushing an extreme MAGA agenda that would gut basic environmental protections and end tax relief to lower energy costs for working families, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement:  “Donald Trump has never met a baseless conspiracy… Read More

ICYMI: Kansas City Star: Op-Ed: GOP war on women’s rights hits Black moms especially hard. Kansas, we can do better

Over the weekend, Kansas Democratic Party Chair Jeanna Repass discussed her harrowing experience seeking critical health care and highlighted the disproportionate dangers Black women face as Donald Trump runs on plans that would worsen the Black maternal health crisis and rip away women’s reproductive freedoms while state Republicans refuse to… Read More

DNC Statement on Earth Day

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council Chair Michelle Deatrick issued the following statement in celebration of Earth Day: “Every day, we’re reminded how lucky we are to live on a beautiful planet that gives us life. Water hydrates us, fruits and vegetables fuel us, and… Read More

DNC Statement on Donald Trump Campaigning With Fellow Unhinged MAGA Extremist Mark Robinson

As Donald Trump campaigns with Mark Robinson in North Carolina today, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement:  “How do you win the praise of Donald Trump? In Mark Robinson’s case, it’s by pushing a cruel total abortion ban with no exceptions, mocking school shooting survivors while… Read More

IN THE STATES: Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Push for Extreme Abortion Bans, Democrats Fight Back

President Biden made a three-day swing through Pennsylvania, including his hometown of Scranton, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. During his visit, President Biden called attention to the stark differences between his economic plan and Trump’s self-serving plan that caters to big corporations and his ultra-wealthy friends. In Pennsylvania: Times-Leader:… Read More

Under Trump, the North Carolina GOP Has Reached New Levels of MAGA Mess and Extremism

Like so many GOP state parties throughout the country, the North Carolina Republican Party’s descent into chaos and fringe extremism offers yet another example of how Republicans continue following Donald Trump down the rabbit hole of pushing dangerous conspiracy theories and supporting unpopular plans that would be disastrous for this… Read More